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The TCE Metropolitan Archbishop, The Most Revd Michael Newman says:

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Fatuity in Wonderland

The folly of allowing any member of the Church of England to have a vote on theological and doctrinal matters has once again been exposed in the latest meeting of the General Synod.  The proposal under consideration, that children should be authorised to administer the Blessed Sacrament, is something that the bishops and their clergy alone should decide.  Hopefully they would be informed by the hesitations of the Liturgical Commission on the matter, and dismiss the proposal as totally inappropriate.  The fact that the children concerned may have been confirmed and be regular communicants themselves does not make it suitable for someone as young as 9 to administer the Sacrament to other worshippers.   Even our permissive society retains age limits, as for example, not being allowed to marry under the age of 16.

The arguments in favour of the proposal put forward by Elliot Swattridge of the Church of England Youth Council are fatuous and show the weakness of the proponents’ case.  To support one’s arguments by quoting things that Our Lord is deemed not to have said is to enter the world of Alice in Wonderland!  Given the present state of the Church of England, perhaps we should not be surprised.

One thing I am delighted to report for the benefit of the General Synod is something that Our Lord did say.  He addressed God as “Our Father”, not as “Our Mother”.

Michael Windlesham.


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Our Mission:

The TCE exists to afford Ministry and Witness which continue the best Anglican traditions and values as they formerly existed in the Church of England until their systematic destruction from the 1960’s onwards, the eventual corruption of its Priesthood, and pursuit of its ‘social’ agenda, rather than its historic spiritual mission. To this end, we support the Declaration of S Louis.

As members of the TCE, we aspire to lead the Sacramental Christian life, following the yearly pilgrimage in accordance with the Church's Calendar, whilst worshipping Almighty God in the beauty of true holiness. We do this as taught by Holy Scripture, the three Ancient Creeds, the Church Fathers, and the lives of the Saints. We maintain the sacred ministry of male-only Bishops, Priests and Deacons (in accordance with Biblical Teaching and tradition) and the historic structures and language of Worship and Scripture. We support unswervingly the essential centrality of Christian family life and its values (so badly eroded nowadays, and largely the cause of our sick society).

  • We believe that the Church should, first and foremost, be a Spiritual ‘Power-House’, leading the faithful to God, rather than being just another social-service.
  • We look to build upon the rock of faith, and not on the shifting sands of every trendy initiative in churches beset by 'political correctness' and some secular notion of 'equal-opportunities'.
  • We firmly believe in 'One Church, One Faith, One Lord', and that eternal Salvation can be attained only through Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ..
  • We believe that the task of the Church is to convert society to God’s ways, and not just follow every whim of corrupt society in the name of 'accessibility' and 'relevance'. 'Human Rights' exist only by God's grace, and carry commensurate responsibilities.
  • We look for spiritual development and growth in seemly worship, without the distractions of secular so-called 'feel or do-good' factors, eg contemporary dance or promoting ‘fair-trade' activities.  To this end, we use only the Authorised Version of the Bible (‘AV’ or ‘King James’) , the Book of Common Prayer (1549, 1662 or 1928) and the English Missal. Our Priests face East at our Altars, leading us in our joint sacrifice to God, and not facing the people in the act of sharing a meal.
  • We are a happy, but definitely not a ‘clappy’ Church.
  • We aim to live the Peace, without the need to go through the disruptive, unseemly and banal motions of ‘passing’ it.
  • We are a ‘broad’ Church, embracing all forms of traditional churchmanship, and extend a warm and hearty welcome to all who wish to ‘lead the new life, following the commandments of God, and walking from henceforth in his holy ways’, although (inevitably) we will all fall short of these ideals.
  • We aim to give comfort and support to isolated traditionalists who lack the support of a local congregation, and to take the Sacrament to them.
  • We look to our spiritual Fathers for the Sacraments and teaching, not to ‘earth mothers’ for touchy-feely 'New Age' experiences.
  • If you support our aims, we invite you to join us in our Pilgrimage. Please pray for us. We are also favourably disposed to explore Inter-communion with other legitimate Churches and congregations sharing our aims and tenets.

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