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The Traditional Church of England



The Parish of King Charles the Martyr, Brighton



Parish Notes No 37 (Published quarterly):

Winter 2012

It is said that Time is always passing. In reality, it is the passing of the things that we see that gives us the idea of time.  It leads us to draw distinctions between what is passing and what is permanent.  As our lives go by we become aware that some things fade and die, while others are there for ever.  The things which we see are impermanent and die away, while the things which are unseen never die.  That which is seen is ever changing, while that which is unseen remains constant.  Roses, for example, fade and die, but the creative power behind the rose never dies.  We must look for permanence in the things that we cannot see, rather than in the things that our earthly eyes behold.  God’s sphere is in the world of the unseen, the sphere of the infinite, where the life of the spirit is everlasting.  Nevertheless, God has revealed Himself in our world, in the sphere of the transient, among the things that we can see.  It is that revelation of Himself through His Son that has occupied our worship and our thoughts during the period of Christmas and the Epiphany.  So we must look through the human happenings of Our Lord’s life to see the Divine Nature that He came to reveal.  From this we shall learn the principles of love and holiness that, during His stay in this material world, Our Lord revealed to be principles of the eternal world.  For the Incarnation is God’s work.  It is something that can be seen; it is the place where we can meet the Lord of Lords.  It is where we can see a life, and also see the revelation of eternal life.  As the hymn writer H F Lyte expressed it, “Change and decay in all around I see; O Thou Who changest not, abide with me”.  Let that be our prayer for 2012.

Dates for your diary

Sunday, January 22nd: We will be observing our Patronal Festival on this day, honouring King Charles the Martyr, who died rather than betray his faith.  There will be a Sung Mass at 10.30, as usual
Sunday, February 5th: Candlemass, otherwise known as the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple.  Blessing and distribution of candles.
Monday, February 6th: The sixtieth anniversary of our beloved Queen’s Accession.  We wish Her Majesty health and every happiness on this glorious day.  Long may she reign!
Wednesday, 22nd February: Ash Wednesday.  We must give ourselves time to consider how best to observe the solemn season of Lent.  The Imposition of Ashes will take place at the first opportunity in the season.

Sung Mass each Sunday at 10.30am

                                                        January 1st        Christmas I
                                                        January 8th        Epiphany
                                                      January 15th        Epiphany II
                                                     January 22nd        Patronal Festival
                                                      January 29th        Epiphany IV
                                                      February 5th        Candlemass
                                                    February 12th        Sexagesima
                                                    February 19th        Quinquagesima
                                                    February 22nd       Ash Wednesday
February 26th        Quadragesima - Lent I
                                                          March 4th        Lent II
                                                        March 11th        Lent III
                                                        March 18th        Lent IV
                                                        March 25th        Passion Sunday

Please refer to the Contact Points for more details on these, and any other services:

Contact Points
The Parish Priest: The Most Revd. Michael Newman  01903 744354
The Churchwarden:  Mr. Russell Gotham  01273 380366






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